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Cafêzz "World Fusion & Latin Jazz Band"

Cafêzz is a Puerto Rican based Latin Jazz & Word Fusion band. The band's style is very eclectic, embracing a wide array of Caribbean, Brazilian, Latin, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Folk and Classical influences.“Cafêzz” is, in fact, the combination of the words café (coffee in Spanish) and jazz, and it captures their notion that a customary coffee moment could also be an occasion to share music with friends

Their original music presents an ample melodic content combined with tasty rhythms, giving the listener rich aural textures to enjoy with ease. The band’s diverse repertoire is available on two awarded album releases: “Music & Friends”(2014) and “Sol Boricua”(2016). Even though it includes elements from jazz, its performance is not focused on individual instrument virtuosity, but relies on the ensemble’s communication and interaction.

Cafêzz was formed in San Juan, Puerto Rico during the summer of 2014 by pianist Carmen Noemí and bassist Edgardo "Egui" Sierra, after completion and release of their Music & Friends CD, the group adopted several formats. The trio’s interplay included drummer Freddie Burgos, and made it easy to add Christian Galíndez on “latin percussion” (quartet), Norberto "Tiko" Ortíz on saxophone (Cafêzz Quintet); and Waldemar Reyes on “ethnic percussion” (sextet format).

Following Cafêzz’ successful debut on 2014, the group became quite popular and was invited to perform in many revered venues. The band has performed alongside top musicians like David Sánchez, Humberto Ramírez, Luis Perico Ortíz, Ricardo Pons and Oskar Cartaya, and has played at the Puerto Rico Jazz Jam Fest, Carolina International Jazz Festival, Heineken’s Ventana al Jazz, and Inter Metro Jazz Festival, among others. On February 2018, Cafêzz visited and performed in Los Angeles, California and at Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver, Colorado, with plans to continue touring overseas. On the upcoming summer of 2018, Cafêzz is due to perform in Europe (Spain & Basque Country) and USA (Minnesota and Florida) where they will bring their music to new audiences. 

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